About the Blog

About the Blog

Welcome to “Prophage”, the blog all about bacteria, phages (bacterial viruses), computers, and science! The three goals of this blog are to provide thoughtful discussions about current scientific topics and literature, to offer insight into the life of a biomedical scientist by outlining some of my own experiences, and to supply interesting and helpful resources that others will find useful. I am doing this by posting essays, thoughts, notes and ideas. By keeping the focus of Prophage broad, I will continue to write about what I find interesting, and continue to introduce you to new and exciting topics. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a personal blog and all opinions & views are my own.

About the Blogger

My name is Geoffrey Hannigan and I am a computational biologist in the Systems Biology research group at the Merck Exploratory Science Center in Cambridge, MA.

I lead and contribute to early-stage, exploratory research in an interdisciplinary department of researchers that includes microbiologists, immunologists, chemists, statisticians, and computational scientists. I am passionate about integrating creative molecular and computational approaches to better understand human health and disease, and leveraging that understanding to make positive contributions to the greater medical field. Studies range from mechanistic in vitro studies, to preclinical studies, to large clinical studies. My research is largely focused on the human microbiome.