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We All Benefit From Shared Knowledge

Journal Club Presentations

As scientists, we often present interesting and impactful manuscripts from other labs in a meeting called a journal club. This analysis allows us familiarize ourselves with ongoing research in our field and provide new perspectives for our own work. Here I am providing my slide decks from journal club presentations I have made to my colleagues.

Illumina Error Profiles For Metagenomic Sequencing (PDF)
Helminth Infection Promotes Colonization Resistance Via Type 2 Immunity (PDF)
Healthy Human Gut Phageome (PDF)
A Comprehensive Survey of the Earth Virome (PDF)


Part of science is sharing our knowledge and skills. To share what I know, I conduct workshops about how other researchers can conduct their work more efficiently and robustly using bioinformatics and data management techniques.

Introduction to MySQL Databasing (PDF)
Intro to Studying the Human Virome (PDF)
GitHub as a Lab Notebook and Project Management Tool (PDF)
Introduction to Network Analysis with Neo4j & R (PDF)
Introduction to Docker (HTML)