Research Program

The Human Microbiome is an Impressively Complex System

Geoffrey Hannigan, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan
PhD, Cell & Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania
BS, Cell & Molecular Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Dr. Geoffrey Hannigan has a passion for combining molecular and computational techniques to understand the ecology of the human microbiome and virome, and how they impact health and disease. His research aims to positively impact the medical field by characterizing the complex ecology of human bacterial and viral communities, and to translate those findings into clinical solutions.

Research Mission

The human microbiome field consists primarily of two valuable research groups: those that apply established workflows to various diseases, and those that push the field forward with innovative approaches to gain a deeper understanding of disease through these complex communities. Dr. Hannigan's goal is to be of the latter category and to lead a research program that pushes the use of bioinformatics and molecular techniques in exploring the human microbiome. He aims to accomplish this by focusing on the oft overlooked interactions and behaviors of the entire microbiome (i.e. bacteria, viruses, and fungi), and to use this information to develop prognostic models and inform therapeutic design. To be successful, his program must lead the field in a unique way. Dr. Hannigan will work to successfully develop such a field-leading research program using his advanced and comprehensive approaches to studying the microbiome, his extensive research training and experience in the field, his drive to improve his research by learning and utilizing new approaches, and his passion for uncovering the underlying ecological dynamics associated with the human virome, mycobiome, and microbiome in health and disease.